Process simulation

The optimal commissioning process takes place in the office.

Everyone has been there: the cabling has been completed and the control system is ready for the I/O test. The pressure is growing as the system needs to accommodate production as quickly as possible. There are numerous reasons for this.

But if the control system planning is being tested under real conditions for the first time, the duration of the commissioning cannot be estimated.

With virtual commissioning, NATUS offers an intelligent alternative as the optimal commissioning process has already taken place in the office.

NATUS benefits

  • Faster implementation of your specifications
  • Software testing during programming
  • Testing under near-live conditions
  • Program analysis and customer (pre-)approval on the simulator
  • Quality improvement as system is tested and documented on delivery
  • Training of staff on the virtual system
  • Cost- and time-savings during on-site commissioning
  • Commissioning support via remote access

As a basis for the simulation, NATUS uses, for example, the SIMIT platform, with the option of using virtual controllers.