NATUS and the corona virus

Our priority at NATUS is the protection of every individual’s good health, and this holds good for our own employees as well as our customers, suppliers and other business partners.

In the present situation we are able to offer you regular supplies of our products and services, supporting you as a competent partner through these difficult times. Statement

Girls' Day at NATUS

The next Girls Day will take place on April 28, 2022

Grab a place at NATUS and have an exciting day as an electronics technician for industrial engineering. In addition to an interesting tour of the company, you will have the opportunity to test your manual skills with small exercises in the field of electrical engineering.

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Apply now for the start of training in 2022.

Find out everything else about our apprenticeships for 2022 and start your career at NATUS.

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Really made in Germany

We focus on custom work

NATUS develops and plans the right high-quality solution flexibly, quickly and individually for the specific customer requirements.

Thanks to the high level of vertical manufacturing, "Made in Germany" becomes "Really Made in Germany" at NATUS.

As manufacturer


Why we focus on custom work

NATUS plans and develops the right, high-quality solution for any requirement – flexibly, quickly and individually. Our customers benefit from our patented technologies and the manufacturer-independent electrical equipment in our switchgears.

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How NATUS Engineering ensures success for major projects

Whether for a power plant, transformer substation or for processing industry needs – we implement your electrical, automation, turn-key projects, from the switchgear building to the commissioning process. We provide power generation companies, power distribution companies and industrial businesses with a one-stop shop for their product and service needs. This provides you with real relief – and not just thanks to our professional project management and construction site management services.

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As automation specialist

So smart!

How NATUS automates your processes perfectly

As experts in automation technology, we offer you a full spectrum of smart solutions. NATUS has decades of experience in carrying out customised automation projects flexibly and cost-effectively. This guarantees you, the customer, a key competitive advantage.

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As service partner

So reliable!

What we do for customer satisfaction

Switchgear and control systems must be able to function around the clock. We offer you a comprehensive service package to ensure that your NATUS products always deliver the maximum in performance.

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As company

So fair!

Why everyone pulls together at NATUS

NATUS is a family owned and family-run company. Our lifeblood is our quality awareness, our passion for the big picture – and our highly efficient staff. This is because a highly technical company needs people who can handle this highly specialised technology. The ability to constantly keep learning and acquiring specialist knowledge is a critical factor here.

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So easy!

Located in the oldest city in Germany, NATUS benefits from its proximity to transport hubs in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. As an academic city, Trier provides us with direct access to highly qualified experts.

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Loebstrasse 12
54292 Trier, Germany

PO Box 2960
54219 Trier, Germany

Tel.: +49 651 1449 0